Jodi Callahan

"Magic happens when people come together in the right roles and with the right support. Business outcomes outpace expectations, and people gain a sense of personal satisfaction." 

Jodi Callahan​ PhD, PCC
Certified Coach | Executive Consultant

Jodi’s vision is to inspire joy; to spark one person’s intrinsic potential into expansive and meaningful change. This is why she coaches leaders. Her 20-year career dedicated to leadership assessment and development has seen the exponential impact gained by fitting leaders to a role in which they become more effective.​​​​ With a solid academic foundation and deep fascination for human behavior, Jodi approaches real-world engagements with wisdom and an attentive, open-minded curiosity.
Her 16 years as a professional consultant and coach have provided extensive experience in multi-method leadership assessment and development for a wide range of industries, functional roles, seniority levels and organization size. Six years in internal leadership development at the MITRE Corporation and BAE Systems, Inc. gave her experience leading teams, running corporate leadership curriculum, and developing high potential senior leadership development programs. Her deep expertise in leadership assessment informs both developmental coaching and discerning selection decisions. And working inside large companies gave her greater insight into the client experience of working with external coaches and consultants, sharpening her client service orientation.
People who have worked with Jodi say they appreciate her mix of deep listening, keen insights, reliability and genuine, caring support. She brings her best to each engagement by drawing upon core values of respecting and helping others, applicable mindfulness practices, and keeping a sense of humor and perspective. Jodi lives just outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband, two children and energetic dog, and when not working you might find her practicing yoga or kickboxing, or providing pro bono coaching to support people transitioning from homelessness through Homestretch, an inspiring non-profit organization.
"As a retired military officer I have served with some of the most cohesive and high performing teams one could imagine. Under Jodi's leadership and coaching, the team dynamics that I couldn’t have imagined possible in a commercial corporate setting were achieved. Her ability to identify individual strengths and opportunities, then manage the team environment by deliberately partnering people so that strengths complemented others' weaknesses, was expert. This team energy has been transferred straight to successes that have had a direct and positive impact on the business with a camaraderie that truly inspires a great workplace.​"
Matt, HR Manager