Leadership Assessment – Understory Coaching evaluates a leader’s current strengths and development needs against the requirements of a current or future role, for selection and/or development purposes. Methods may include in-depth behavioral interviews, psychometric instruments and work simulations. Where appropriate, we map the leader’s capabilities to the organization’s competency model. Verbal and written reports provide a clear profile outlining the individual’s signature strengths, areas of potential concern, and development suggestions or recommended prompts for further exploration in selection interviews.

Team Effectiveness – Understory Coaching conduct current-state analysis of processes, practices, structure and interpersonal dynamics that facilitate and interfere with team effectiveness, and recommend prioritized steps for improvement that may involve RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) role clarification, process redesign, and team workshops to collaboratively study and plan the way forward. Team workshops may also involve learning about communication and work styles, with or without including assessments such as the MBTI®, HBDI®, or the Hogan MVPI.    
"Our CEO wanted to design a top-flight program and engage with the participants to accelerate the pipeline of talent in the company. Jodi’s experience in designing programs, understanding assessment, and keen ability to discern quality development resulted in a CEO Leadership Program that had never been seen before in the history of this two hundred year company. In addition to our CEO’s active involvement in the program, another key success factor was Jodi’s masterful facilitation style. She was so self-aware and empathetic to the hesitancy of the participants to disclose their gaps that she made herself vulnerable by sharing stories and experiences of her own developmental areas. By doing this she gave the Vice Presidents in the program permission to explore their own areas of needed growth in less guarded manner.​"
Bridgette, Chief Talent Officer