Integrated Leadership and Talent Management Solutions. With deep expertise in leadership assessment and development, Understory Coaching offers a range of individual, team and organizational solutions to help get the right people into the right positions, supported with the right insights and skill development to drive strategic business results.




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"Dr. Callahan was amazing to work with. She was unwavering in doing the best for her leadership team, and never stopped exploring the best coaching methodologies to advance their level of awareness with me. She was astute, dedicated, honest, warm and a pleasure to work with. Her balance of focusing on shaping the best coaching product for her team, her own leadership abilities and her obvious thoughtfulness with her interpersonal strengths and humor was very refreshing. Anyone interested in working with Dr. Callahan had better be prepared to lose all glibness, say their piece, and when they are welcome, to enjoy the experience because it is not just a mask-but a real effort to move the leadership development process forward. I highly recommend Dr. Callahan."
Srini, Physician and Entrepreneur