1. Now I am being more patient and less in a rush to effectuate operational improvements while nevertheless putting transition elements into place incrementally. I'm laying the foundation. I'm leading and coaching by example. I have learned not to be in such a hurry. Now I'm seeing more of a collegial transition, more buy-in for the changes we need to make. Changes are happening, while the friction and anxiety are reduced.
    Milton, Not-for-Profit COO
  2. Now I am looking at situations differently and making better use of my time. Jodi helped me to have a more realistic perspective of situations. I've gotten better about how I manage my work priorities. This has helped my stress level immensely. She challenged me to try new approaches outside of our sessions. She also followed up to see how it worked, and shared what she observed about my behavior and emotional state after each "experiment.
    Laura, Technical Director in Government Contracting
  3. Jodi has a powerful ability to help her coaching clients become more self-aware. I was amazed at the a-ha's that I would have, even through a brief conversation. During our discussions of behaviors that I could improve or ways that I could be more effective at work, Jodi's thoughtful coaching approach never made me feel defensive. In fact, the opposite was true, and I felt that she cared about my success every bit as much as I did. I can't recommend her highly enough.
    Jennifer, HR Manager